About Us

agradoc.com is a unique website which is designed for provide information about healthcare doctors only for AGRA's patients. Using this any patient can easily search the best doctors in their field and can choose easily one of them and Best Hospitals.

agradoc.com is an independent website and is not affiliated with any doctor, organisation, health provider or insurance provider. Nor are we related or affiliated with any other website in any way, which is a similar recommendation portal for doctors in the AGRA.

agradoc.com is an impartial and very easy to use portal created for you to provide feedback and share experiences regarding the healthcare and bedside manner received from your physicians and surgeons in AGRA.

agradoc.com is intended for educational and referral purposes for patients and healthcare seekers in a quest for finding excellent health care providers. agradoc.com intends to encourage consumers/patients to evaluate their choices in medical care and become more aware of healthcare facilities and medical options available to them. It intends to provide a platform to share and benefit from other's experiences and recommendations. The agradoc.com service provides a gateway for healthcare providers to connect to their patients.

For more information regarding the intent and use of agradoc.com, please visit our privacy policy.

"agradoc.com" is a project founded and maintained by Saurabh Srivastava.